Latest Dream Girl,

Boy, you’ve got me smiling, waking up on the right side of the bed this morning! Thank you!
I’m going to keep you designated as a Queen for the time being, and trust me Queen of my dreams, I, your noble Kingsman will get back on my gentleman’s coaching kick here shortly.

Firstly… I’ll get through this cup of joe WITHOUT hesitation. I’ll wash up. I’ll fight off the usual loitering dragons infiltrating, or trying to infiltrate my current state of mind, effortlessly. I have Lordship classes for three full hours today.

I went ahead and poured a solid foundation of mere Chainlink (LINK) since reconnecting. This courtship is going to prove its worth in the near future, we’ll hope. Mk? How’s that sound, fair lady?

Now, I can’t account for misdirection unseen or un-explained so I won’t even look at those deuces. What I will do is prove my ambitions, passions and energies fully go towards creating excess room for mis-stepping, feelings of security, holding you tight beside me and growing closer.

I’ll see you tonight in dream numero uno, ok!? Get out of here!
Have a great day! Smile a lot. Know you can find and reach me at any time of the day.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Chainlink are all up this morning! I don’t know what more I could ask for! We’re going to be okay, dawg! 😊

Dearest Flower Blossom,  I’m smiling at the moment. Are you? Do not be afraid to open your pedals this year. It’s more than ok, I like to take my time too. I’m here for you. I’d love to add to your development and growth with some vitamin D and sunshine today if possible so please encourage these clouds to dissipate shortly. 

Thanks bro. Any good?
Ok..  It’s Tuesday, right!?
I just got home from a day or two away.  I am excited to investigate some of the points mentioned in the mindfulness track I was listening to on the way home.  Restructuring sounds permanent.  Just because I’m thinking of it, it’s been super nice these past day or two noting I’ve been waking up and going to sleep in a positive mood.  Restructuring your mindset to achieve even more sounds productive and proactive.
Headspace is something we cover in session.  Indexing my catalogue length list of wins begins daily.  Usually with a coffee, smooth jazz, a bit added to my portfolio and tat across the mirror.  I grin.  Put onnn.  Put on my shield of amor crossed annexation of my girls.  Go ahead quit. It.  
I admit, most assets waver in value on down days.  When I light up the world and ignite the falling dominos catching their style from me makes me, I smile.  
I annihilate most boundaries blocking me miss.  I’m sorry.  Mixed signs got me acting like a joke.  I misspoke, crushed hearts and momentum.  Walls up, I might feel better knowing I could have supported her whole body with my strength.  Pecs bounce.  Thesis’s reading the long calls coming through.  Wish on a star.  I want to know you, too.

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