Rinse and Repeat!!!!

Go on, do your own thing!  I believe in you!  We’re already making ripples in this fish pond acutely activating our half-traumatized hamstrings.  Kick backwards!  Hard!

Today, February 18, 2023 I executively made the decision to move the homemade bumper plates from the homemade PVC bar over to the homemade steel bar!  Yes, THAT PVC bar’s not what is used to be, but I’m eager to work out with the heavier homemade bar as is and use the salvaged PVC bar for more range-of-motion exercises.  That PVC bar may in fact become the bar I use more.  (My quads are still crying from Thursday’s extended standing tolerance sets).

Good mornings done with the PVC bar perched lower on my back than it would be for back squats will make it more comfortable and help me get more depth.  My hands will be slightly wider than they would be for other exercises.  THESE ARE THE KINDS OF  DEVELOPMENTS THAT KEEP ME GOING!  Baby Steps!  Keep Pushing!

Follow this week’s progress with this bar HERE!

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