Go ahead, lash me again!

Don’t worry, I’ll laugh it off. I’ll also work towards curbing my fictitious-character-writing. All anyone needed to do was 1.) be honest, 2.) be open and receptive, and/ or 3.) communicate openly. I would have moved on like a Navy Seal months ago. (This is what you get for continuously being a secret, you bandit!)

My load just got about 110 lbs. lighter fool. I can’t wait to see how much faster I run with that weight sled tied to my waist now. NO DWELLING KEECH!
Instead, I’ll KP, I’ll stay longwinded, I’ll grow and reach new heights, for a lighter and my goals without the constant distractions that blinded me. I’ll continue writing the record books with the hands that held dumbells by the throat last night.

I gently placed the taped paper on my wall in the basket on my walker. Think Keech! Now why I didn’t think to be realistic and bet some distractions would get pounded so hard they formed diamonds.  #behappyforthat vivid dream

#Backtobusiness huh!? This IS a game to me. Sorry Mama! I’m enjoying the heat. Y’all stay beat unless you win. Isn’t that neat! 1-0 Kyle Keech! I win.


(If I cant get ahold of you when you want me, there’s no reason to..)

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