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Power Cleans (1^)
Rubs my hands together, grins…

Claps loudly!  So, for this week let’s look at Power Cleans,  Below is the initial clip I studied eager to adapt form to fit my body and ability.  In my mind’s eye, I’m seeing myself pushing myself up to the stretching table with my feet planted to bend my knees to 90’s.  I’ll dig my feet in and push off my armrests to get even more stable. 
I picked up that my hands will be slightly wider than shoulder width.  See yourself follow my steps, get ready.  I will move my dumbbells and additional weights to create room.  The video I watched indicated that I’m going to pull the bar towards myself.  The bumper plates allows the bar to roll in and out.  Go ahead, roll it back and forth, in and out.
As the bar rolls towards me, I’m going to visualize the bar jumping off the table and resting in my clenched “raptor arms.”  Many call this position the rack.  In your head picture yourself pulling up on the bar.  Your shoulders are higher than the table.  Go ahead , start building momentum in the bar as you roll it back and forth.  Pull inwards, pull (up).  Get that bar resting in your “raptor arms” “rack”
Let’s practice this for the week.  I will be taping my progression through these and sharing that below.  Check back often for updated clips and tutorials.  KP and get this done.



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