Sayonara, Squatters!


Wow!  Looking through my archives, I see that I did do my due diligence stating foreseen opposition would in fact choose to ignore disclaimers, progress and momentum.
P.S. As I have stated numerous times in the past, my language “of love,” is not going to tickle everybody’s fancy.

They can’t even decide on, and stick to what their issues are.  LIGHTHEARTED flattery and poetry, damned.  Innocent flattery, damned to all hell, AGGRESSIVE AND BALLSY, damned.  Honest and truthful, damned.  TOO QUIET?  Damned.

You were right!  What do “these delicate flowers” want from a respectable man?



It WOULD be a whole ‘notha story if I wasn’t afraid to say “I CARED.”  People like that flip shit thinking I may or may not of had a LITTLE, INNOCENT crush.  That’s how shallow those bottles of  pond scum operate.  Now instead of fighting nightmares on the regular, I gotta defend the goodness of my heart and over-advocate for them finding something better to do with their time.  I hear that the masses that muddle through my content are offended more often than not.  Tell them to write down their email addresses, I’ll gladly cut them off too! 
I don’t see any of them in the dugout or trenches loading up the mortar.  I’m out, cubscouts!


My WHOLE FAMILY sees the dragon’s eyes, often. They coddle their clients and raise hell afterwards when their checks are late! It’s me that deals with their inner b!tch. Then it’s me that deals with them arguing with themselves saying it’s all my fault. It’s a riot1

Now.. just to p!ss off those lame lions a bit more,

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love


I am not afraid.

Ladybug, 🐞

I’m nervous just thinking about you. Calm those fears. Please. I want to be big and strong, happy and stable for you. Dialing your number even causes my heart to race.

At one time, I was all about writing you love letters and deep thought-provoking statements full of Joy, heart, laughter and love.

Excited and nervous is a weird place of preference. Did I proceed correctly? I’ll never know. I just pray and hope a day will come where we are both at that same place of excited and nervous, looking at each other’s hands too excited to exhale.

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