Today’s Initial Creativity

Today, let’s plan on lifting some weights.  It’s wet and dreary outside.  We will focus on maximizing potential in my home gym today.  Today, I will be joined by my rockstar therapist Matt.  We will make the most of the newer squat rack and workout bench I got this week.  Let’s see these investments in physicality pay off.

Hopefully in the near future, I’ll find a minute to order a ROGUE T-15LB TECHNIQUE BAR

To increase the lethal dose of whoopass attainable at my house.  LISTEN!

Wake up: check
Hydrate: check
Shower: check
Plan day: check
Be creative: check
Conserve energy for therapy: happening now

The Squat Rack will be utilized (squats, overhead press)
The workout bench will be utilized (dumbbell incline press, overhead press w/ bar)

Next Investment, hopefully:

#Bossinvestment – 11:30 02/08 – $227

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