A little bit of fun, a little bit of structure, a little bit of inspiration and a little bit of creativity!

First and foremost, Kyle A. Bryant, it was an honor to meet and discuss progress with you last night!  I’m going to refer to you personally as Kyle, The Reinforcer!
Secondly, today I’ll be working on adding a picture or two of you AND an active link to grab a copy of your book, Shifting Into High Gear to my site/ personal page or sidebar elsewhere.  I’m looking forward to squeezing and ringing every ounce of motivation out of the experience that I can.  By the sounds of it, that should count as a accomplishment knowing motivating individuals to take their own life into their own hands is a goal for both of us.

“Carry on brother!  Your goals and strides, honestly raise the bar, I’m sure not only me but every active member of society!

Thanks Again!

I did smile hearing you mention the importance of continuing to push, not only through the next stormfront on the horizon but also with your goals and foundational aspirations. 

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