Listen Up, Insect…

Entering every room together moving forward, back to back like 00 agents paints an awesome picture in my head!  Let’s team up for gosh-sakes.  Let’s never let each other go to sleep wondering if we are the only ones who know how much we care for each other.  Let’s automatically produce protection for each other’s light.  
I’m all for letting past dead ends go.  I’m on that having grace mindset.  Don’t hide your heart or lock it up in a cage like mine.  I don’t mind ripping phone books apart, but dirtying your hands makes little sense.  I want to confess to my loving heart’s indigestion every time I recall it’s taken me awhile to find ya.  LOVE was scary until I met ya and got a wink.    “I need a soldier!”
Let’s track success on a linear graphing module down in Nellyville!  I enjoy cutting paper hearts out.  I want to get in that zone, unafraid.

– KyleKeech

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