“The Sweetest Surrender,”

Possibly, Sweetcheeks, we will triumph.  Communicating openly ought to be step one in our ascension to bliss.  If you have different protocols, or a different “order of operations” in mind, I am eager to learn and embrace it.
Cite my recent work, I am fully aware of, and in tune with rounding this next energy-based cycle, smiling.

“NICKY!!!”  “Brittney!!!”  “Wanda!!!”  “Celine, Ruth, Courtney…”  I want all you fine, sugar dumplings shaking what your momma gave ya, and illuminating my night’s sky with dreams of golden-paved roads.  I want to see you smile and I want to know how to reach ya when my mood settles.  I WAS scared.  I WAS impaired.  I WAS too open at all the wrong times!  I’m getting over that rough road daily.
I’m making a way through the switch blades, guns firing, daunting anti-political bull and my sappy love-triangle fascinations/ “wild” daydreams people mock me for having.  That bar is bent because I went hard.  I told it I’m in charge.  I showed my barge needing let through the ocean-laid path.  It better be wet and not fickle.  It better be open to guiding me through.  I just want to get through to you, dear land of mercy on the other side IN A HURRY!
I got my ride to escort me to the local fitness center, I own on it’s way!  Stop playing, your murder hornets, IO goyt sh!t like romanticizing deaf lab rats to do.  I want to suit them all with pads of paper they can work with to let me know they care too!

Melissa, 30 (infatuated with me*)

– Kyle


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