Facts, bruh!

So, today, what if it’s more about being that windblown grain of wheat looking to germinate newer, undiscovered lands instead of snatching up the more-than-half majority of the wishbone you find yourself pulling (and pushing) between your hands in a tug-of-war with yourself?  What if that’s just a whim?  IF you are at a fork in the road, which way are you going to go?  Are you going to create a cost list, try to make the most efficient decision?  OR are you already counting the seconds of lag time you seem to be experiencing even taking the time to consider such quandaries?

Do you run at every opportunity full of passion, without doubt or do you weigh opportunities, do risk analysis and let your mind get preoccupied with looking for faster and sounder ways of completing tasks?  That’s today’s question.  What’s more important to you?  If you sharpen a wooden stick to the point the limb can’t even be detected with a 3x magnifying glass clearly, will that hair-like point even stand up to penetrating the bull’s thick exterior? 

Do you put thought into conserving energy?  Do you trust your heart enough to let it be the deciding factor in whether you anticipate jumping or have you mastered the act of trust falling?  Which do you prefer?  Do you struggle with automatically doing what’s best for you to in turn be better able to help the group or do you tend to take one for the team in hopes that grace plays a greater role in the group’s ascension?
Yesterday, I listened to a video that discussed pushing yourself out of your comfort zone vs. excelling and making moves in your comfort zone.

Do you have it in you to withstand temporary discomfort to come out stronger?  Will you tune in to, and coach yourself to protect yourself from YOUR softness?

I, personally, seek balance more often than not.  Whatever way you do things, induce Hope into the equation.  Put communal wellbeing back into the equation.  Consider the facts.  Helping others before yourself often leads to good scenarios.  Chew on the possibilities of that today?

– KyleKeech

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  • Well you’re not only a cook you’re a genius I guess I shouldn’t forget that and an equestrian

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