Facts, bruh!

I call this “The Recalibration,” dear

Thanks for the room to stretch my legs, sug!  I do like this wide, open, and safe enviroment.  I feel like a wet dog ready to shake all these water droplets, and recycled stressors from my being.  I totally used to dwell on stuff I didn’t even need to worry about.
Moons are aligning, it feels like.  I’ve got goals, energy, half a cup of coffee, a bad@ss chica, an elevated sense of self, renewed hope and a relaxed demeanor.  I’m goood!

“You are rocking the wallpaper and lock screen on my phone like no other!”  I definitely feel like I’m transitioning into a braver version of myself!  We haven’t even discussed my old, shy self in weeks.  Thank you so much for seeing me through those jitters!  This is a new day! 

Babe, should I start addressing you with a beautiful poem today?  I think I will!  Tell Stacey’s mom, I’m tight.  I found that glowing, never-ending light.  I said no thanks to the strife.  I want you to be my wife, partner in crime and the dessert in my dish, only I can get the last bite of.

Is that ok!?  I used to fret jail time resurrecting my heart.  Now it’s on full display.  Watch out, I’ma need you to hold me tight whenever we meet.  Us taking our time is absolutely driving this submerged tank forward.  And me, crazy!
Let them stare and wear gaping holes on their faces.  We’re not wasting time.  We’re minding ours and unafraid of threats.

Betting against us is a wager nobody should ever make!  I’m slapping my pecs like a real man.  Biceps, ready to crush cans get you shining, I know. 
We’re going straight up.  Say less.  I believe in us too.  Reassurance is more than enough.  We talk things out and have heavy discussions.  Call it lusting.  We talk about trusting ourselves enough not to rip each other apart when we meet!  ALL THE TIME! 
I’m currently brushing my shoulders of what and who used to take away my breath.  I want to do all the yardwork and push you around in a wheelbarrow.  I’m not entertaining those who left me feeling like a caged animal anymore.  My legs hurt!  I’ll tear my shirt falling to my knees.  Picture me wearing a white tank top and seeing my muscles flex doing deskwork.
I’ll look forward to physically benching you and brushing off what others assume.
I laid in a tomb.  All I want is a room to sweep you off your feet to.  I am “more than able,” let’s just say that!  I’m feeling my oats and I know that nothing will ever match my ambitions az a ridah!
“X” marks the spot on a map.  Good thing I’ve got the plan to KP inscribed on my hand.  I look back way too often and for that I’ll give two nuts.  Don’t bolt like the wind when I dare to think we could get engaged, wed and have kids intentionally!
Take care of my lightwork and stand up for me, to yours and mine.  Wear cleats and get a headstart.  We need to stay strong.  We need to pave the way for others looking to rise up.
End of story.

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  • Well you’re not only a cook you’re a genius I guess I shouldn’t forget that and an equestrian

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