Tastes like Pudding, Baby!

I told yaaaa! God had us in mind when he told me to dismiss your first coming to… yeaaa it’s 5:55a and I’m drinking my coffee. 

Look at this pic. I think it perfectly describes where I’m coming from!
Waiting is hard. Believe me. I know. “#havefaithKyle

Next time we connect it’s going to be fireworks 🧨!!!
Ha, I made a deal with myself to torture myself so all patience would be worth it. I’d hug you if you were here.
I lifted 3 times this week. I’m not too sure what the game plan is for today yet, I’m still rocking my skivvies.

“Being scared” kind of looks like my refuge now connecting the dots! Look forward to tomorrow! Always! 💋

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  • Dolores Cortlessa

    Are these just words were randomly coming out of your mouth I can’t believe this blog you are something else Kyle I’m telling you you should either be an actor or a writer without a doubt in my mind sparked my interest to get up and get a coffee this morning I’m sick I have a cough I do not have coronavirus I just have a cough sinus infection I’ve already got medicine so don’t panic I’m okay I’ll still be your grandmother and I’ll still be able to read your blogs

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