See, I woke up drafting YOU beautiful poetry again, today.  It is quarter after 10, Saturday morning.  I barrel-stormed that facility they call the gym already.  I walked 5 sets of 60 seconds on the treadmill.  I am sipping on a warm coffee, daydreaming right now.

Brainstorming resulted in drafts, such as, “Dear Dandelion, I can’t wait to blow you to smithereens…” and “Pupil, are you dilated, yet?”  I’m just so glad you excuse pet names and aliases flavoring my output.  We’re like a rocket ship locked and loaded on the launchpad, readying to embark on magnificent trips around the constellations and planets.

We will utilize different gravitational pulls to slingshot us to where we need to go.  Saving our energy is very important.  We have goals and ambitions like mature adults ought to.  I appreciate you seeing me through my hemming and hawing.  I appreciate expressing myself unafraid.  I love discussing potential and wants.  I could not ask for more understanding, compassion and LOVE!

– KyleKeech

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