Ms. Rabbit,

Thanks for positively reinforcing all my efforts to raise the bar on these knuckleheads!  I was blown away hearing such a piece of ham wanted to get folded in between egg, cheese and toast to mimic a ship that could handle being submerged in my yolk for breakfast.  You opened that door!
Excuse me while I slide back into codenames and aliases being used!  I’m coming to ya all stronger and more affluent

There are 2 viewers in my room, streaming, watching me drool right now.  4?  Ok, 4.  Fore!!!  These hearts are bloodbathing all over my cellular device.  Felicia, I’m planning to pose the question today.  Hopefully you’ll be open to the idea of sliding across home plate followed by me soon!  I’d love to utilize your beautiful face posing to support my heart beating and my writing reading affluently.

Jess!  Would be exactly what I’d be screaming outside yo’ window.  Shiii..  I’m getting lit on my own ambition.  I’m fishing for minnows.  Schooling is behind me.  I’m now teaching clowns how to throw pies!  Swim in diamond laced bathtubs, mama!  If it’s not mine, you’re in the wrong house.

Yardwork will be today’s flex on deez does.  Chew grass then smoke to ignite the fire de’ fire alarms.  Watch your step, my dogz balls seem to litter the floor.  5K diamonds 5 minutes in, ay!  I’m forging the path to least resistance.  Success being a mile marker gets me red in the face.  I refuse to waste lessons learned.  Gettin’ money, getting swole, getting paid and getting wedding dates scheduled tastes like progress.  Sustainable progress is the name of the game.  I’m whistling dixie, shucking corn and holding hands with pixies in my dreams.  Call and leave Marge a message, tell ‘er I’ll be Homer after work is over.

Tell my girl Catie, I’m looking forward to trains driving her to my front door.  We’ll be kicking off a business sooner than later, flying, trying, spying on Davinci and painting masterpieces like Leonardo, soon!

Girls wanting swooned getting spooned instead leaves me nodding, feeling appreciated.  STAY FOCUSED!

This is my hood!

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