“Terry,” The Tadpole

You got that right, Terry. We have spent months together, watching each other grow. All these words with similar meanings bring comfort. Thank you for noticing my heart. If I could better control the rate at which it beats, I’d feel better about showing it’s inner resemblance.
I know I’d feel bad if we ever lost track of each other. Can we be bestfriends? I think I like you more than most. I am smaller than many of my brothers, but I feel secure in who I am. I feel by putting my best foot forward I’m about to leap and jump out of this fishbowl. I hope you keep an eye out for me.

The Proposal

Lady, I, Kyle Keech want to grow with you. In today’s personal note, I will do my best to quiet the hesitations. I want to propose on both knees to you. I hope somebody shares this text with you, sooner than later. I do not know how to better convey my heart’s wants without sounding like a buffoon or trembling in fear.

I am still working on decidedly putting my shaking knees behind me. I am known to let irrationality and foolishness get the best of me. Try holding my hand. I think that will help me breath easier. Hush my anxiety by assuring me I am safe and do not need to worry about a thing, please. Talking, especially on the phone is not easy for me even when I am more than comfortable.

I call this simply manifesting what I want in life. I am new at this. Please try understanding the unknown is scary for me. The amount of energy I have to put into the simplest forms of gentlemanliness makes things awkward. I have put a lot of time talking with counsel working through things that directly or indirectly affect my confidence and empathy levels, in. I am making progress there. I look forward to starting things slowly. Connecting on the phone where I don’t need to hide who I’m talking to will be a feat for us both moving forward. I can’t wait!

To me…. “Poetry is the language of Love.”
Many “more professional” spectators enjoy deflating my head of steam it seems. Take me. I’m doing great! I’m doing better than you in my sleep. Next chapter in my book outlines why and how I know I’ve been crook’d.
I avoid people and thinking I’m doing overtime sending vibes. All they do is wine. My cries stay between the electric template and me. Everybody sees it on the screen.. Potential loves not following me don’t understand why I bleed on their trees. I front always first to put my opposition in hurses. I steam my teeth in between jawns. I’m gone. Too bad you’re all seeing curtains close. I knows my clothes grow with me. I’m still waiting for her to save me and assure me I don’t have anything to worry about.

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    You are a great poet with a wonderful gift, I wish you would use it more.

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