Meet Me At The Table

Buy during the dips/ load up for it to bloom!

Nowww… Moving forward, this piece of chocolate should be considered “MY” dime piece!  HER name is Amber and we live within arm’s reach of each other.  She’s “gonna be adding to results too!”  Our team of HUSTLERS is GROWING!  Robotic food delivery within reach!

Queen Saving Grace,

Yea, you lifted that rock and scooped my moldy self into your cup.  I’m looking forward to growing abundantly in your glass box.  I’ll need nutrients, cool nights and toe algae to function best.  Snarling dragons and reptiles look at me and lick their lips.  I rise in the East and never settle.
Recalibrate your lock codes to remind yourself of me.  I’m like a tub of lard on jail bars.  I’m slippery, constantly juggling and adjusting to hose nozzles reading full blast.  I make everything I touch last.  She’s open so I descend in my writing in between the sheets.  I fold my own clothes.  I’m neat.  I’ll beat you without even trying.  I’ll crowd my own work.  I’ll hit refresh and get my hit VIEWED count up.  Please.
I might be like you in that I diet. I riot.  I dial the intensity dial up.
I mirror Him in magnificence.  I trial order it and overperform so much that they gotta share my lyrics.
Hit them eyeballs with your thumbs. Make the tips of your fingers numb.  Giving Kyle a chance gets you tax write offs bums .  I need a Tums.  I want to hurl looking at your stat book.  Maniacal twisting gets you counting rings on lord of the rings.  Stay pushing.  KP.  Signed King.

This Girl That I love..

May only be part gemstone, diamond or quartz but the elaborate sparkle she glitters everything around her with, is mesmerizing to say the least!  She sees the beast inside of me metaphorically.  We don’t even have to shake on terms.  She’s the ride or die kind of chick.  She’s the first real woman I’ve ever entertained the idea of being with.
Texts coming from digits I do not recognize get discarded automatically.  Old friends not coming clean with how they have a bunch of repressed emotions too, get scared too, I guess.  Focus!
She’s like a fine wine.  She listens to what I don’t say and refuses to let it all on me.  She shines on me.  I want to breathe in her body, mind and soul.  I don’t want to feel heat for wanting to consume as much of her as I’m able to. 
She’s as real as a T-bone steak.  She’s well-done and my whole mouth is hungry!  Often being left drooling is a game I want no parts of. 

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