Hey Rembrandt

Guess what. You never responding to a single note or email I wrote ya, giving me a made up story why and knowing you were tight with others like you said you couldn’t be with me is kind of why my trust lacked you in its circle. Wow I got that out easily.

That was your scapegoat week after week. I trusted you there until the company you worked for itself would not answer me either. Ya, case workers there now still don’t frkn answer me. Chances are, I’ve more than likely been in this injury recovery game longer than your whole company combined. That alone ought to earn me one ounce of respect.

Do you know what it’s like to spill your heart to people that should be there for you during working hours at least, then never hearing from them with as much as an emoticon? It’s a bit disheartening.

I’m sitting on the side of my bed right now, drinking some coffee, staring at the bottle of nerve pills I’ve been on for a week now. I like this array.
I wrote this on my phone. Your *ss, I did own. I’m just being creative. Let me guess, huh!? I get zero additional considerations citing this virus like the rest of your patients, coworkers and sainthood nominee managers do. Work my case mr, then call my cell after I’m already in bed, 2 hours of 12. I’d rate that stain line but they changed their name trying to flee my wrath/ hide. They’re hardly worth my time and their little circles being filled in. Sorry Mom. I’m building myself up on your ashes bro. Just give me a second look when you come home. I left you a note taped to your wall. Fck b!tches, especially when they stall.

I’m sorry I tried to give you everything. I’m sorry you liked to invest in me and see no dividends. I’m sorry I welcomed you to co own my home. I’m sorry your name was written on my heart or at least outlined in my pocket lint. I work. I work to get over this bullsh*t daily. You don’t even know me. You say you favor your best but fail to impress even me. I’ve been around the block. I know not to expect mountains moving or signs not reading closed.

Im breathing deep. In and out. Let her feel my words. Let her go. Let her know I did what I could to stay within the lines and give her my best. I regret never being allowed in the club of sl*ts too. Move!

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