Clear prism,

I love how you don’t hide, but, rather, illuminate the magnificent array of colors present in the white glow I refer to as love.  I am in awe of your beauty, gentle-nature and confidence.  I can see through the muck with your comforting guidance.  I am thrilled by the potential we keep quiet.  A few more rain dances must be in order for you to arrive in glory. 
My angel incarnate being you brings the world’s biggest smile to my face.

I did spend time targeting back and shoulders at the gym this morning.  I hit Lat Pulldowns, Shoulder Presses and Rows, 4 sets of 10-15 on each!  3 days at the gym will suffice.  Legs, Monday is already set.  I’m enjoying some chocolate protein in my coffee at the moment!  I’m ready for a nap.  



I love conversing clearly and reassuringly so incredibly much.  When we are not chatting one on one, you are always running around in my head.  I’m not making this, or you, up.  I’ve never been so comfortable sharing such vulnerability with anyone on Earth, until we chit-chatted live.
I’m constantly turning my vulnerability down to suit the crowds.  I dislike feeling weighed down, unless I’m at the gym.  Conversations with you are like full sets of 52 reps.  You’re amazing getting me in even better shape.  Just wait until the rubber meets the road and we start picking up speed.  I can see a full transition into love, tenderness and peace taking the reins.

We’re like two dumbfounded children playing too close to the street.  When we finally meet and look at the ground before grabbing for each other’s hands we’ll hear the angels above whistling dixie.  I want to breathe through my imagination mixing memories of hard times with dim scenes of reality living without hope.  I want to get along and not need to cope.

I’m no longer a mushroom, bro.  The depths of my soul feed on living a loving life fully transparent and in light.  Let’s kick doubts and fears to the curb instep with one another.  Let’s fight against heated nights leaving us thirsty in the mornings.  Breathe life into me to help me stay hydrated.  If I am, indeed dreaming lucidly let me be!

I would not be alright with you slipping through my fingers.  Flap your left arm and I’ll make it clear to us we’re so close to taking flight you want to strap a safety belt on.  If I’m anywhere close to being right, you’re already practicing signing your checks Mrs….  I adore you muffin!  I’m waking up happier, unafraid to dial the volume knob on those stressing me out, down.  I got my legs working better than ever, again this week!  Excuse my shyness as I peek around the corner, frankfurter!  Get lost in translation.  I’m no longer dwelling over stuff I cannot change.  I’m back to hoping for the best blessings.  Bye!

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    Exceptional post keep the good work up you are a genius.

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