My Itemized Sh*t List

Aw, well see right there. I am not fond of individuals reading, reflecting and not connecting the dots/ taking the hint that their actions/ inaction are and/is what’s ticking me off.
Let it out, Kyle!

I’m getting it out because it’s healthy for me! That’s it!

It’s proving, my methods of recovering that is, are proving to be legit. I am the strongest I’ve ever been. I am the most open and receptive person I know, and I have a lot coming to me THIS WEEK!

Let’s define something according to my dictionary.
RESPECTING ME refers to:

– Getting off my back when I’m in my lane. – I don’t know or understand why anyone would want to distract me when I’m moving at such a clip that all you see are my tailfeathers!

– Respecting my privacy. – “Oh, this is a deep one!”   I’m moving up the ladder! 
Sometimes, the less you know = the more I have in store for ME.
I’m still learning (proud to admit that) and I’m making steps towards the pinnacle, the tip top and the point of contact you see when you look to the sky.

GO WITH THE FLOW . – Go with MY FLOW that is. All I know is I don’t say a word when people take the lead and say trust me. More times than not my ideas and suggestions add to efficiency, but I’ll let anyone head right into the sun if they won’t hear my words of guidance without distrust.
Ya, I see that as distrust. I don’t think I’ve ever given the illusion of more maniacal incentives ever fueling my ambitions. (Why?)

(I’m often too wordy. Apologies. All I mean there is let me make some mistakes, PLEASE. I’m not you and I am ready, anticipating forging my own way across the icy nature sheeted across the stream!)

Everything that I do share has a 45% chance, I’d say of rubbing you the wrong way! GRIN AND BEAR IT!
I fully acknowledge why you’d want to fold up, cover your ears and not see the distaste I possess for those not living up to their potential. That pisses me off. It also urks the heck out of me to know those closest to me choose to keep their eyes and ears closed on purpose.
I bet there’s a good chance that readers of my work know me better than those who see me day in and day out! I do not express myself nearly as honestly in person as I do in my writing. Blank stares, read it on my wall, blank stares… hurt more than anything I ever do!


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