Wormhole, Adjacent


“Critter,” I would definitely hold onto you, and hold you in the palm of my hands if I could defy the odds and make’m realize, reason with skeptics that with the hands of God guiding me I can do anything thinkable.  If I could load you up in a glass jar, I’d keep ya close like a locket.  I’d not hide.  I’d have no reason to forget the lies I make up, scared.

I’d shuffle the deck more confidently.  I love pulling you up to the top of the deck and flipping your face.  Affectionate output for the day done with, feels nice.  I got the gym to get to by 11a.  Biceps, triceps, lower back..  That sounds doable.  I went rock climbing last night.  3 great ascents felt great.

Stay focused!  Let “her” know you care!  Roll them dice.  Don’t think twice, fretting unrealistic constraints or consequences.  Rise up!  Preach the goodness God provides!  Teach obstructionists to go with the flow.  Blow standards to smithereens.  Unhide your heart!  Embrace being a thug if that gets them to open their eyes! 
Stop lying to hide.  Cut the cheese and chives.  Smear the concrete lines.  Admit you want to try.  Empower yourself through your writing.

Move on to the next extracurricular lesson.  Get a girl wyling.  Lock the bank.  Drink coffee and bake yourself ina hot box.  Forget opposition.  Be comfortable with the fact that you “tried” everything you could to open their ratchet eyes.  Know that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make ‘em drink. 

Do not shrink your ambitions to fit their small minds.  KIck bricks as hard as you can! 
Respect yourself and act deaf if they won’t listen and try mocking your childlike love for life! 
Go ahead, outline the blueprints!  Share it globally.  Fake it til you make it!  Offer piggy back rides, they won’t take it.
Rest assured, you did all you could.  The Light couldn’t even get them to see.  Woe is them, peace!


  • Steve Keech

    Another good post, inspirational

  • Where have you been my handsome grandson where have you been I read another one of your articles don’t ask me what it says you know or what it’s about but I read it I try to make sense out of it but I told you write a book I love you Kyle I just heard from Uncle David anyway he’s doing okay thank God pray for him no matter what your dad thinks Jackie and your mom pray for him he is an individual and he did what he did he didn’t mean to do it okay love you bye for now

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