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Tell ‘em I’m still trembling.  But, I’m handling business.  Using those who throw stones to build us a castle, high in the sky for them and I.
I got no love for these headaches anymore.  I pay them all and III get tossed in the lettuce shredder.   #remainingresentfulaslongasIgetahead

I think it’s called PROJECTING when someone throws their worst nightmares on your plate like you’re responsible for their misdeeds catching up with them.
If I were anything like the soft, “words-hurt” crowd, I’d be filing lawsuits for MY emotional imbalance.
I’m caught up in the middle of every single person around me’s bullshi!t drama, taming myself to not respond at all or I’ll be put in handcuffs.  Yea, it sucks! (being prince charming and being looked at like a toad.)

How these cats get away with hampering progress (forcing an individual in therapy to release stress) by telling them to save it, is BONKERS! #BATSHITCRAY #IWANTPAIDBACK

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    Creative post with good words again a good use of words

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