I’m A Hurricane, Mama!

If you want to know where you “lost me,” reflect.  Records will show that I’ve been gathering strength and positive circulation since my inception.  Funnel clouds are common.  Naming me Atom, as in Hurricane Atom was very clever of the WMO, World Meteorological Organization.

“Hold on!” is exactly what I am screaming at the top of my lungs!  “Seek shelter!” is line 2 in my memo to the homelands. 
Bunker down!  Don’t be surprised if these cabanas need to be replaced.  Worry about yourself!  Get to higher elevations.

Both of us are about to go down in history.. assuming that we are BOTH still functioning after this blows over.  Me, for bringing the heat, swirling radars and torrential downpours and you for keeping your composure and level-headed nature, thanking the skies and dancing away the fear.

– KyleKeech and AMBER


  • When are you going to write a book Kyle you deserve to you’re a great order a great writer are you going to horseback riding today question therapy

  • Steve Keech

    Good short one today

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