Let’s recalibrate

Here, it’s 7:30 on a Sunday morning. I’m not waking up in my own home. I slept at my sisters. Deer are grazing. Birds, singing. Heart, beating.

I’m not rushing anything. It feels great. There’s something to be said about renewed Hope and the role it can play in lifting spirits.

I am anticipating some warm coffee and finding the remote control.

NOTE: I’m not shoving any hard truths down your throat right now.

You ought to have at least thought about your schedule this week already. I did.

Monday, I’ll hit BICEPS AND TRICEPS at EFC.

Tuesday, Legs

I’m pretty sure I go rock climbing Wednesday this week.


Friday, if I have any juice left in the tank, I’ll figure something out.

LIMITLESS POTENTIAL, Baby!!! Get some. Feel empowered. Show empathy, practice it. Embrace Grace. Let go of it all and see what comes back to you.

Nurture souls. Feed and grow gardens full of life. Have a fantastic day. Give thanks. Let them misunderstand you.

Aspire to be creative. Draw, paint, cook, sing. Do all kinds of fun things. Be more than you could ask for. Count each day up until now a win. ❤️✅

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