Let’s Goooo!


My clock reads 6:20A.  Tell me why you are not up and ROLLING yet!  Huh!?  LEG DAY kicks off in just over 120 times 60 ticks.
Today, I took one sip of joe, shot up and brushed my teeth/ washed my face in less than 4 minutes and 20 seconds!

I’m not dealing with dwelling this morning.  That’s nice!  I’m wearing a khaki-colored tank top and I’m NOT feeling self-conscious!  Another win!

SUCK YO’ STOMACH IN, BRO!  It’s NOT too early, you skidmark!  My peeling shoulders hint to daylight watching over me.  Give it all to God!

Tell me to relax, please!  Number Two, hurry up with accepting that invite! 

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