Oh, Ma’am!

I’ll keep you, my active ingredient a secret, sure! I’ll call you “Active Ingredient Om.” I am very glad I proposed the idea of practicing my “flattery,” and fawning over you constructively, before I whipped out my rosier metaphors and language. The academic usage of “cute words” and compliments to bolster my senses of bravery and dignity makes perfect sense to me.

I will withhold as much identifying information and sharing of photographic documentation as I can. I will not promise I won’t do my best to sketch those jet-black eyes I see wet with tears. Mentioning the way you smirk hearing my name will stay between us. Is that ok? Will you draw hearts next to my name in print too? Will ya be brave enough to purse your lips in my dreams and potentially kiss my biceps next time I flex? Will you please tell me not to worry about my tendency to outdo everyone else I see foaming at the mouth looking at you?

Allow me to break this down a bit. Today I meet with my counselor right smack in the middle of my scheduled appearance at my group meeting. I will update her on the evolution of these guns-a-blazing and you not declining my attempts to work on getting braver saying hi to pretty women. Sound good?

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  • Dolores Cortlessadee9153.dc@gmail.com

    I told you before Kyle you should have written a book you can make a lot of money he won’t stop

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