Beautiful Light,

I’m guessing you are a moonbeam. I only see you when my eyes are tired. Next time you come my way, please come alone. Your friends spread rumors.
Do not be afraid to journey alone. I am right here and always close in heart.

Cool gusts leave me bumpy. I would shiver, but even that leaves me unsure of being perceived correctly. I am a heart throb shaking the scene. I miss you in my dreams, staple. I refer to you as everything that is not around/ aliases all the time. I hate these haters hating on my glassy eyes. If I can’t find you, write you letters without getting heat, or get a bottled letter to you that reads how much I love you, why must I be so tough on myself? I wish I could conclude the missing parts of my heart could be found in you without gasping for air. I can’t breathe easily all the time.
That does frustrate me, but bothers others more. I love living in your path. I love thinking I have a chance. I love life living with sunrises to look forward to.

I miss you, Ms. Daffodil! Show me it’s safe to reach out for you, please. It’s always been about you. To be continued….


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