One Step At A Time

Until we can figure out a way to set longer lasting fundraisers, setting monthly fundraising goals will be how we move forward.  Honesty and transparency are the best policies around.  Included below are a few images I asked my tech team to utilize and incorporate in future button designs.  Be open to digesting frequent reminders, rebranding, and encouragement to uplift IM ABLE’s efforts!  Let’s give them something to talk about!  Keep Pushing!  Building off recent success, a $2500 monthly fundraising goal sounds reasonable, doable and excellent to me!  I will update you when the buttons on my sidebar are  up to date and leading to the correct pages.  Until then, clicking on the first image below will take you to MONTH 1’s fundraising page.  Oorah!

Being a vessel sounds peachy to me.  An energized fundraising machine sounds a bit more appropriate, but it’s much the same.  Words are words.  Don’t let them bog you down in any environment.  Put your best foot forward at all times!



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