Please Up Your Game!

Female Shepherd and flock of sheep

Now, I avoid touchy subjects (like love, politics and money getting) as much as I can.  50+% of people looking are sitting there with their tears on autopilot.

That is a shame.  “Climb back in the crib!”  Now, when you’re on my level we can look each other in the eyes and realize we are different.  Until then, I’ll be looking down on you..

THAT was a draft.  I decided to put those raw nightmare-induced uncertainties behind me.  It’s a freshstart for me today!  Are you still paying attention to this language?  If not, let me just sneak that my heart beats harder than yours in there.  Tune out if you cannot handle me being honest.  I love her, her and her other friend named Britt… 
I am moving flawlessly right now.  I fear people less today than ever before.

Moving forward, all flattery and love language has nothing to do with who you think it does.  I will remain translucent so you too have to second guess every shot.
Like much of my content, not much here makes sense.  That’s fine!  I’ve been waking up happier feeling comforted by a simple, “Hi, Kyle!” or “I hope you sleep perfectly well tonight, too, thanks!”
– I can’t wait to be held, B!  I am outlining that for you.  I doubt you’ll ever see these words.  I’m performing better than ever free of guilt.

Yes, like a plate of ribs I will push you away if I can’t shine risk-free.  Takes out my belt!  What would my posts be if I didn’t leave you walking on your tiptoes? It feels magical expressing myself openly.

Shepherd, get ready for my own company firing napalms at us for just talking!  I’m drinking coffee at the moment.  I showered last night and I had eggs and ham for “wreckfast!”

After we bond and get more comfortable, I intend on moving you in and kicking the migraines I work with, out.  How’s that sound!?  Huh?  It’s painting a super wide smile on my face right now!

I’m highly anticipating you asking me or suggesting what night this week works best for you!
Sincerely, I’m a mess metaphorically when it comes to the song and dance.  What I can assure you of, is looking around, I am your best option.  I am a real man, with enough patience to 10X profits.

Do not sweat losing me.  I will stay hunkered down until you open these presents.  I am not much for being materialistic over being softer, empathetic, still and mindful.  Is it okay I stay hoping?

In MY EYES, releasing the pent up affection and maddening amounts of excess energy creatively and audibly online will HELP ME HEAL!

Who would have thought just a bit of conversation and reassurance would release such good?

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    wow a lot of emotions in this one. good to get it out

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