Guidelines for dating Kyle:

Guidelines for dating Kyle:

“Please respect the effort I put into every single thing I do.  It will help my state of mind to know we are working on the same goals. Not denying my intentional efforts to dodge ungrateful eyes will help.

Adding laughs to the conversation and hugging will let me know you care.  I tend to sense reciprocated love all the time but cling to my dungeons that I work out in. They are built of muscle, stone and granite. They support me when I lean on them to better hear and learn from you.

I still shed tears every time I laugh off the single sided jeers. I don’t stand up for myself because it’s not worth overreactions consuming my allotted energy allowance

I drop two then bounce. Frown. Stupid clowns looking digitized bitcoin ounce.”

Ok, now that my initial creativity bone has been flexed…

  1. Don’t be a secret. Basically it’s basic. I face opposition until everyone knows it’s not just me being young, immature and stupid.
  1. Communicate openly BACK.


Oh, ASSURANCE and REASSURANCE I won’t be locked up or be put on the spot without knowing where we both stand helps too.

When you see me distancing myself, hold on tighter. Try assuring me I’m not alone and remind me you’re here for me and with me. Tell me my fears are not warranted and you want me too. Tell me you can’t go a day without thinking about me. Let me know you’re ready to meet me halfway please.

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