Cherry Pie (Mookie, Cute One),

I tend to run (AND PUSH PEOPLE AWAY) when I’m scared. Please know that. I have mostly put that defensive mechanism behind me. I feel I am now a bit more ready to make this journey we call life side by side. I have made progress in this area talking things out with my support. I look forward to you speaking softly to me and assuring me I am safe running TO you.

Progress in session yesterday included identifying my style of writing, more as actually manifesting the life and partner in crime that I want more so than me foolishly chasing currents. That felt good!
Admiration, encouragement, motivation, manifesting, clarity, and self-advocacy sums up my writing as of late. I was riding cloud 9 by the end of session. KEEP PUSHING, SUCKA!

Oh! AND.. I LOVED hearing that the body regenerates and replaces itself every 7 years, lately. That does sound very suspicious to me, but looking at my legs alone, I am now a believer in that science. From the waist down I look like a new-age dancer. Upstairs, I am more tone than ever. My “tummy” is tighter. Biceps and chest, more tone. Pecs, scary.

THAT’S YOUR UPDATE FOR TODAY! Now.. Get off the couch, get in your car and or walk to the gym. Push the limits, LOVE each other uncontrollably when appropriate. Do NOT be afraid! Get ahead!

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