‘Tis Week’s End

Beatrice, I’m so glad we have each other to communicate openly to. This newfound trust is helping me stay focused, aware and reflective. I can’t wait for you to come back from that trip. We didn’t share farewells the way I think we should have. I think you were upset and I was still too nervous to share how I really felt. We skipped well deserved hugs, gazing and our hearts meeting up.
I had a full day yesterday. Speech therapy, physical therapy AND rock climbing. I did great in Occupational Therapy this morning. I’ll be training my guy tonight. I think we should be hitting chest. You would be sooo proud. I just know it. My game plan, you can probably guess includes packing on another couple dozen pounds of muscle, shaving and spritzing some Brut on my neck before we see each other next!
Last nights climbing was on a fresh route. It was tough. I climbed the wall 4 times and even though I was not extremely satisfied, I got a lot of positive reinforcement from those who belayed and watched.
My boy, Brady is the man! I’m resting on my bed right now. My hips are stretching out and it feel nice. Until next time, blows you a kiss!❤️💋😎😊

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