A Gift For You, Son (USE IT!)

Just be honest.  It’s not that hard.  Don’t blame me when your rallying calls lead me to dismissing you because you don’t, ever reply.
If I did not fear losing everything, I’d tell ya how I’m OFFENDED.

I don’t keep secrets unless I’m in danger of losing allotted hours, supports, therapists, specialists and counselors.

LOL, I’m killin the game in counseling.  It feels great having somebody listen to my cries for acknowledgment.

You know what it is.  Just throw it in the bag!  The road is rough.  I hope my future gf bears with me and shares with me her insecurities.  I hope she leads by example and doesn’t leave me afraid to show affection.  I hope she stands up for me speaking up for myself and encourages me to grind those gears, bruh!  Ok!?
I already stated the fact that most of those I “work” with have left me looking around when I needed help.  I’m NOT WORRIED.  Most people suck.  I just thought being in this profession..  Don’t sweat it.

If you’re going to suppress one of the most intellectually and emotionally developed people I know, what do you expect!?
I’d anticipate him or her throwing as many spears as possible. Keep your head up. One impaling your heart is not common but possible. WALKS AWAY

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