Half-hearted need not apply!

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  • Ladies
    Please know any and all hesitation on our part is most likely due to us being scared to approach you. Assure us, assure me there is NO REASON to delay what’s happening. What happened was exterior influences had me coughing and stalling grabbing my drawers n’then I forgot to remind you to remind me everything was bees knees.

    Letters don’t even get addressed. They get filed up as motivation on ways to follow through. They get recategorized as angry letters and notes by the untrained eye.

    I get defensive because they act like I’m on offense by simply picking flowers. Mark this my hour. Every morning I cry about nothing but successes going better than I ever thought possible.

    These genius lyrics touching your heart feel accomplished they did something I feel I couldn’t. I’ll tell you one little sign or poster or book of hymnal rhymes would have gone much further if you let me know I was allowed to show appreciation.

    That’s it. I wrote this piece to rediscover my long held knowing that belief is more crucial than either of us thought. How was I to know the grown *ss nature of the game looked a lot like me coming back to realization that the cool crisp mornings we spent together meant more to you like they did me. I feel great. I thank your image in my brain snapping the whip.

    Forgive the fact that you know where I’m at. Go ahead. That’s probably all she would have ever never said. I flip the coin these days. I stay in my lane. I abstain the momentum I feel-in my loins daily fighting ghosts and villains daily. Hail me. Trail me to get in the correct lane to reach the top level first.

    Busy depriving myself is a better headspace to be caught up in. With all respect, this is how I win.

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