Be Human, Go Ahead!

A Straightforward Foreword – Something WORTH NOTING, Friends

As with everything I post, this note goes to fellow clients, consumers, patients and the beneficiaries of services and allotted benefits. (Watch out! I’m about to lose it!)
Hey, something worth knowing is your “private” correspondence and communication is (potentially) not private at all. Especially with those you feel you can trust. If it’s with your therapist or specialist, you may think much like I did, you reserved and actually got respect in the privacy area. I’ll blame myself for not specifically asking but you are legit being warned right now the whole freaking company you are working with is 90% positively reading every note, letter and grievance you hit send on. They’re not going to tell you either so watch how honest, faithful and open you are.
Trust me, that’s ruined many things in my life. AND, even when THEY encourage you to share your heart, not hold back and actually show favor of the unsure, count to three and pull the trigger method of overcoming hesitation, don’t.

Talk about overreactions. You sharing what crosses you mind at 2a or actual insecurities is going to be sent to every single person on their staff. Watch yourself! If you, like me find it helpful to list your fears so you can come back and overcome each one by itself, DO NOT even consider sharing them with your personal therapist. His or her boss, the janitor most likely and every other therapist there is going to read them too.
You already know we get no room to mess up or blur the lines in our favor. Only they get away with that. Hold your tongue! Be smart, placate them all they want until you get a way to express yourself in private. Don’t close the door, think you’ll get another chance or the opportunity to clear the air when it feels right for you.
Believe me, some will work behind the scenes in you favor, some will stress TF out and some will make you feel guilty for being human. THAT’S ENOUGH.


  • Priscilla B

    It’s sad that this kind of thing happens often…. I am facing a similar situation (I think) as I would like to join the mentoring program at my work for self-improvement reasons, however I’m not sure who I would be able to trust as a mentor because it seems like everybody tells everybody else everything.

  • Reciprocity, much like openness will be encouraged. Do it for you. Don’t expect it back though.

    Expecting God even to follow through is what I’m learning to do in my prayer groups. Don’t feel bad about expecting people to be straight forward with you, honest and open.

    Watch who you listen to. Not everybody comes with 100% legitimate guidance. Love them though it all.

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