Imprint On Life

As I made my first imprint on life this morning, GOD was and is first on my list every single day!  He helps me without pause.  It’s easy to see if you look at the effort I put in daily.  It’s helping me realize my efforts are exactly what needs to be done on my part by understanding and reminding myself that God wants what’s best for me.
I was planning to regurgitate last week’s logged ambitions/ gym schedule and point out the fact that I HAVE made my recovery and bounce back my full-time job… but the sunlight peeking through the clouds right now is giving me the urge to Thank God, drop the mic and leave the stage.  Not much else needs to be said on this joyous Holiday Weekend.  (Yes, I am drafting yet another weekly post the Sunday before the week starts). 
This week’s IN-THE-GYM training schedule starts on Tuesday.  Wednesday, I’ll be training with Bob C., Thursday evening will be filled with some supplementary physical activity.
So, Tuesday looks like it’ll be LEGS on the chopping block, Wednesday, CHEST, TRICEPS and SHOULDERS, and maybe strictly treadmill-training Thursday!  This post here, whenever it’s published will count as Monday’s usual motivational post.
There are two prepared containers filled with 3 protein balls each currently in my fridge.  “This batch is for Nick!” is scribbled across one lid.  Talk about “self-fulfilling prophesies…”  This addition, adding protein ball creation and distribution to what I expect of myself is acting as another notch in my belt as far as I see it.  Up another notch, “whole notha’ level”, HNL, they all sound like synonyms for my rate of progress. 
I should make it known that I do not now, or for the foreseeable future make protein balls for commercial distribution.  I’m taking my time with this initiative, handing them out for friends to try and opening eyes to what is possible.  Write me on IG (@keechkyle) to reserve your batch and let me know you see my efforts PAYING OFF!  Thanks!

Happy Easter!

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