Let me guess, YOU are reading this post because I myself, OR A FRIEND TAGGED you in this post on Facebook.  I’m glad you’re reading this.

First off…  As soon as I woke up today I made a note to myself to write a SHOUT OUT to those who have helped me get to this point in my life.  It’s important to me to show appreciation.  I encourage you to TAG or SHARE this post with people you think have or could have made even the slightest impact on me COMING UP.

I like to think of myself as already ahead of the game and on top if you haven’t ALREADY noticed..  BUT I know I still have a long road ahead of me.  Honestly, that excites me.  (Make your life something you look forward to living every single day, it helps).
About that line above “whoever has or could have made an impact on me COMING UP..”  That includes those rooting me on, those actively showing support, those being there for me emotionally, those criticizing imperfections/ giving me insights on what I can work on, those who have INSPIRED ME (nay sayers included), fans AND haters.

Read that again, but take your time.  If I missed anyone, I apologize.  I’m kind of excited writing this right now.  Feel free to comment below with anyone else you feel belongs on that list.  Hopefully you’ll read this today, Sunday so you can take notes.


Monday’s intensive therapeutic rehabilitation for me is going to include a full hour with my Occupational Therapist ASHLEY.  I can’t wait to see what kind of unconventional Activity of Daily Living (ADL) she has me doing.
–  Don’t worry I’m gonna’ be rolling those sleeves up metaphorically doing whatever she prompts me to do..  Kind of thinking (HOPING) she instructs me to wash some dishes WHILE STANDING!

Knowing I did LEGS and BACK yesterday, I know that standing tolerance training is going to be felt no matter what we do..  Maybe Tuesday I’ll focus on STOMACH and TRICEPS??

All I know is Wednesday I better be rested to tackle ANOTHER OT SESSION AND ROCK CLIMBING with my bests.  Hey READING ROCKS I know your ceiling is already about 6 inches out of reach, I’m not sure how much more you guys can raise the roof but do your thing and CONTINUE DOING YOU!
I simply cannot get enough of what your staff offers, my head’s already TOO BIG#truestory

I’m glad I waited until now to mention it, but if you guys look to  Up at the top under the IN THE GYM tab, there’s a drop down list with a new page called “WEEKLY ROSTER.”  (Find that here: too)  I’m hoping this can and will be used to attract new climbers to the best place this side of NYC.
–  Ultimately, the goal of drawing those interested in stepping up their physical game will ensue.  Individuals recovering from injury will hopefully feel challenged and want to prove their standing.

IF I can still move on Thursday, BICEPS and HAMS’ll be on my mind.  That’s days away so let’s not plan every single second of my life huh?


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