Monday’s Motivational Shout Out!

Ok, boys.. “Ya, I called you boys.”  It’s 10:15, Monday morning and I don’t want to call you out.. but.. I totally will. Already this morning, I’ve done my AM workout, fell, showered and had all my fluids..
YAA, I said I FELL. Flat on my face pretty much but ya know what.. My cat-like reflexes totally kicked in. It felt like I was doing push ups for a second there, but I acknowledged what just happened and instantly initiated bending my right leg enough to plant my right foot under me well enough to stand up on.
(Sorry, I get kind of long-winded when I get excited!)

Who’s ready for an amazing week?! Huhh!?  Are you going to do what is absolutely necessary to get back up on your feet?  DON’T LOOK AT THE GROUND!!
You better be on your game this morning. TRAINING and GROWING has never been more necessary and crucial than it is today.

You like the featured image don’t you? Me, on a magnet, in a football uniform, STILL proudly hanging on the refrigerator. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!! Don’t tell anybody but I actually had my Spark mixed for me and consumed while sitting in the shower this morning. It’s called being efficient, LOLLLLL.

I can hear this morning’s serving of eggs sizzling on the stove right now so I’m going to try to keep this short. Don’t even ask me or try to remind me to email READING ROCKS to let them know I’ll see them for sure Wednesday evening…  I GOT THAT COVERED!

Literally just texted my trainer, Steve, to see if LIFTING fits into HIS schedule today. I’ve learned nothing good comes from ASSUMING things. Even if the intent is mutually beneficial, don’t do it.

OK.. HEADPHONES IN!  Get to work!  Comment below your targeted muscle group for the day. It’s LEGS for me today, you already know!


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YES, that is a VIVOFIT below the BE A CHAMPION bracelet I’m wearing!  😛

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