Believe me, stubbornness is a slippery slope.  Be open for once in your life.  Remaining stubborn and alike resistant to differing mindsets, opinions and suggestion may very well be a strength if you think about it.

I know I would not be where I am today, running a fitness and motivation website based on recovery and rehabilitation, getting stronger every single day, continuing to regain independence, and enjoying every minute of it if I were not stubborn.

SET A GOAL AND WORK TOWARDS IT DAILY is what I would end this piece with if that were the only key to achieving what you want out of life.  Remaining intellectually stubborn is ‘YUGE’ when coming back from injury, head injury and from any low point in life actually.  Getting what you need out of any government agency requires more stubbornness than even I have.  They are a joke and a waste of time in my opinion. You better stick to your guns and continue to refine what you are good at if you want to succeed.  Going to and graduating from college is a perfect example.  It may take you 4 years, 5 years or even 6, 6 and a half years to get that diploma but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Openness to ALTERNATIVE therapies and/ or medicines applies here too.  My family spent 5 years following MY accident helping me do alternative therapies like hyperbaric oxygen treatments, acupuncture, swimming therapy, acupressure.  I even went through some experimental surgeries. GET USED TO IT, this is life now.

Remember to check out the PROJECT: RECOVERY page for a usable guide to turn your interests, your strengths, and your talents into a way of life/ career you can PROCEED TO SUCCEED with!

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