Full On Fan Favorite

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we’re not just pulling names out of a hat.” 

We are intentionally pouring resources into looking at who we feel could make the biggest impact on team success rates, winning records and our namesake.  WE ARE ABLE!  Tonight, we would like to welcome the highest-regarded, “Preacher.” “muscle machine,” Tight End, David McClymont to the party!  Yes, our preferred choice comes in a compact package.  Don’t let that fool you.  He is already being compared to the ALL-TIME greats!

He eats entire refrigerators for a snack!  He’s efficient to the T.  Watching him run around defensive ends will leave you questioning reality.  We look forward to welcoming him into the tent.  We anticipate progress being made motivating the rest of the team, town, nation and crowd.  There’s nothing to question behind our faith in Him.

He’s a scholar, he puts his trust in God, he consumes protein on the regular.  He already has sponsors lining up at the door.  Nutritional expertise, financial masterminded-ness, being focused to the nth and having abilities off the charts all add to the world’s most renowned bachelor’s rap sheet.  He’s a thriller to witness, a leader to fitness, reserved and destined for greatness.

Tonight on the 28th of April, 2023 we will welcome him into our premier workout facilities.  We could not be happier with our decision to put progress at the top of the list and negotiate terms with the behemoth of a man they call David M!

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