Today’s Verses…

Will shine a light on maintained momentum as well as highlight newer ambitious endeavors, ya hear!?


Firstly, let’s note that my writings and work are now being seen and shared amongst hundreds of more caring individuals.  Closer attention to diction and form may be noted moving forward.  That’s probably a good thing.  (bar, raised)

Today’s agenda and workout schedule has been jotted down in print already.  I’ll plan to hit Chest and Triceps at the gym with my therapist this afternoon.  

Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Lat Pulldowns
Triceps Extensions
And being home by 2:30p sounds like a great session.


I have naps before and after my session there already on the schedule.

Two 2-hour long streaming sessions sound good to me. (8a-10a) & (4p-6p)
Fitness and recovery motivation being the scope of my streams ties everything together!  I should be sharing this post all day streaming along with my intake and output stats.  Oorah!


I had a very independent morning so far.  Taking care of my morning routine went smoothly.  I took care of getting my cereal, milk and bowl out by myself too.


I had a great chat with my counselor yesterday.  I’ve successfully let go of constantly putting energy into trying to get certain people to acknowledge my efforts.  I have my whole life in front of me now with renewed love and energy.  My counselor was able to connect the dots of how I see the waves around me soon carrying more of my weight!  Get ready world! 
I’m coming for the top spot!

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