Goood Morning Y’all!


Don’t worry, today is a day to rejoice.  Yea, the world has gone a little bit off the deep end lately with the impact of politics, defamation and conspiracy..  BUT, there are still good people and good times to be had.
This past Saturday, pops and I headed
  upstate and caught the “AMAZINGNESS” I’m calling the 41-14 final score of the Penn State – Iowa game!  Talk about cutting it close, we got to our seats literally as kickoff transpired.  I don’t think I even need to tell ya, if you heard anything about it.  I think the score was 27-0 by half or something like that.

 VIP seating made our seats epic, but another highlight happened on our way out of the stadium.  The young lady that ushered us out of the stadium took us through some batcave hallways where we got to witness the team and Coach Franklin himself make their way to the locker room.





BACK AND SHOULDERS tonight?   Sounds about right!


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