Meet Me At The Table!!!!

Drafting my intro’s is what I do subconsciously lying in bed every Monday morning.  You already know that.  Well… this morning is no different.  Finishing my morning routine not even 30 minutes after I sat up made that process hurried this morning.

First, I want to expand a bit on this morning’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) then I’ll dive into and share what has me excited to start the work week.

^ That statement implies “being over-sensitive” takes away from what you’re using to get ahead.  I can personally attest to that.  Shoot, tearing up over spilled milk (or in my case, spilled Spark) needs to stop.  Right now!

This morning, after I put my slippers on, I proceeded to tear open a sleeve of Spark and move to mixing it in the empty glass on my nightstand.  That could have gone better to be honest with you.  As impressed as I was discovering I can now hold the glass between my legs while mixing it, maybe I got too confident for a second.  Halfway through pouring the water into the glass, the glass fell to the floor.  I’d say half of the half a bottle of water seeped into the carpet.  It will get cleaned better later.  Get over it.

Anyways, very logically I’ll add, I hit the switch on the coffee and continued walking to the fridge.  The half a gallon of milk was behind a few things.  While grabbing that of course, I pushed the tub of chicken in there to the edge of the shelf.  It fell of course.  I was able to reach it while bending my knees luckily though.  After walking to my chair, I poured my own coffee again today so I’m not complaining at all.

I dressed myself somewhere in there too so that’s HUGE!

Now, talk about exciting…  Yesterday afternoon I reached out to the coach of the local softball team THAT PRACTICES RIGHT BEHIND MY HOUSE!  Spending some time outside Saturday, I got the chance to meet and share my goals with a few of the parents I met.  That was very satisfying, if not mind-blowing!
I shared that I was excited to watch them develop and play this season.  Before the end of the email I shared how I think I could add to their performance, presence on the field and overall output.

The PA Strikers’ ( mission statement is “to practice hard and play harder!  I like that!

Before I went to bed last night I did do some research on how I could add to my abilities and technique/ output.  I AM NOW OPEN TO HEARING IF ANYBODY HAS AN OLD BASEBALL TEE THEY AREN’T USING!

Figuring standing in my walker is how I’d step up to the plate if I were on the team, I looked up exercises and drills that I could handle standing in a stationary position.  The title “One Handed Drill for Improved Bat Swing” caught my eye!

Find that at (  Thinking more about it, I think attaching a string to a baseball and hanging it from the overhead support beam holding up my carport would be smarter.  That would eliminate having to fetch the ball each time I hit it.

I knew getting that shorter bat years ago would come in handy!

2016 Louisville Slugger XENO Plus -12.5 Fastpitch Tee Ball Bat: FBXN162


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