Pick Your Battles

Type “pick your battles” into Google.  To me, it’s funny how many articles and sites there are it seems focused on that topic.  Whaat? Kyle dropping some knowledge, throwing caution to the wind, risking it all to give it hell and muster up enough strength to lift a straw with two marshmallows on its ends..

Pschh..  I swear lately I’ve been, let’s just say in a mood.  3 hours to me feels likes weeks so just go with it.  I could have, I SHOULD have done a whole heck of a lot better at the gym.  I did chest.  Sloppy form you think would have been a big enough indicator to me to just take the day and BRUSH IT OFF as my long week catching up to me.

“But nooooo.. carry on huh?”  I napped, froze my tootsies off and ate a quick dinner.
(Cold hot dog, side of mac salad, tater salad)

HERE I AM!  Still standing.  I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed with the updated format/ toolbars of KyleKeech.com.  I’m really trying hard to convince myself to take on transferring the friend’s page from teamIBK.com over to KyleKeech.com so I can be satisfied with today’s independent output.

Check out those new tabs, MY nutritional recommendations, MY styled threads, the IN THE GYM page highlighting ME climbing, dudes flexing and boys being boys, resources for jobs, peer support and a few other cool things.
When it occurs to me that I’ve been telling you about stuff for days I BRUSH IT OFF!

“Laugh out loud, don’t even think I’ma bout to crumble.. If I know I can overcome the mass in between my ears, the voices in my head and the nagging temptation to excuse my not being stronger for a weakness.. I KNOW I CAN DO ANYTHING.”

I can’t even recall my posts being as constant and steady as they’ve always been this past week.  Taking a day looked really appetizing this morning, but I carried on, persevered.

THERAPUETIC WRITING, I’ve told you has its pros.

Self pity’s dead.  Feed me.+

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