Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everybody!

Alas!  Another week down, another one bites the dust.  Was your week good?  Productive and eventful?  Mine was.  How about those skills and talents you have, did you use them to further your life?  Did you network with as many as people as possible to get more support, friends on your side and minions in your corner?

Tuning into Facebook you already know my activity schedule changed a bit this week.  Monday I had outpatient OT, which I did well in.  Tuesday, I took the day and night to catch up on some rest.  Wednesday, I started my day out with outpatient OT again (Made some rice WHILE STANDING) then finished my day with impressing the photographer from the Reading Eagle, Natalie Kolb.  Then.. on Thursday evening, I worked out in the pool for a good 30-45 minutes.
(30 minutes in the pool>0 minutes in the pool)

Natalie got a postcard she may figure out a way to work into the article no doubt, don’t worry about that.  Believe me the altered activity schedule had me doubting myself for a whole thirty seconds, but I got over it.  I’m going to place an image below I encourage you to SAVE and SHARE.  I’m also going to attach a printable version of my postcard I’d like help spreading the word about okkk?

Talk Soon

P.S – www.TeamIBK.com now leads to the friends page on my site.  Let me know after you REGISTER what picture you want me to post on there.



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