Casting Call/ Innovative Move – Make An Impact

(A Day Behind Schedule)

“What do you want?” A break? Really? Right now? A full week or two to re-analyze your goals, ambitions and priorities? I’ll give you seven, seven seconds.. Just the illusion of a second to breathe is refreshing, trust me.

Recollecting last week’s conversations, I decided I was going to take two or three weeks to re-energize the lean body I call mass Sunday night. A whole twelve hours later, Monday morning, I’ll tell you what, my fingers were starting to grow sore from my nails being gnawed on, feet constantly tapping and breathing patterns somewhat acute.

How do you like that intro? I haven’t even had Spark poured in my cup in at least ten hours and I’m STILL CHOMPING AT THE BIT!

It’s a shame that certain constraints deny me the problem-free ability to give full details on “COACH’s” new site. Don’t be confused, that COACH.. is ME. I will include an ACTIVE LINK in the comment area of this post on Facebook, but listen.. The new TEAM-IBK site I’ve been telling you about is really going to be something you want to get in on. I’m going to need you to check that out and SHARE it with EVERYBODY you know.

Not only do I give you the great advantages and benefits of being an insider trader or CEO of the nutrition company I’m working with that only I should get, but soon to come I’ll be working on a way to make the site a more communal place lifters, hustlers, men, women, those growing and those working nonstop to maintain what they’ve earned can discuss lifts, hurdles, benchmarks and struggles.

AFTER looking into that of course, do me a favor and COMMENT in the COMMENT area with your thoughts on MY ability to, persistence and delivery of what you need to avoid hitting the snooze button twice most if not every Monday morning. Please and Thank You. Short videos, documenting your free flowing thoughts are encouraged. If not there, go ahead and vandalize the Facebook Page with your GORGEOUS FACES! :p

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