Leave it all for him to do huh? He’s got it covered? 🙂 You’re talking about me right? Shorts barely over my hip, I want to admit I know it’s not fully my strength pulling you through. There’s God’s Grace, your inner strength and THEN my antics pushing you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Just this morning, a friend of mine returned a call and caught me up on his life. His 9-5 feeling like a 24/7.. Blah, blah, blah. He continued to tell me, after working all day he got to go home, feed the kid and then follow him to bed. I smiled and continued to nod my head, “Oh yea, John..” This went on for 10 or so minutes. “Yea, but how’s the fam bro?” He filled me in on his boy growing before his eyes, playing varsity ball and so on. He ‘fessed up and mentioned how he wished he had more time to spend with them. Before too much longer, I broke the silence coming from my end of the phone.. “Ya know man.. that’s rough.”

He asked how I was. “Great,” I practially shouted. “Ya, I’ve seen your page and posts.. You are eating well, continuing to grow and getting stronger every day aren’t you?” Smiling, “Uh huh.” I reminded him, “You know.. More time with the family, more money.. better food for the family..”

Psschhh, you already know where this conversation went. I found out what number I could text him at and sent him a link to the Coach’s Page of teamIBK.com. Near the end of the text, I told him is a brief description of the opportunity teamIBK offers to individuals. “Do it right, and an extra 10-50 grand a month is not out of the question.”
“Expletive, that’s crazy.”
“Especially knowing all the people you know, a kid in sports, coworkers who need to be healthy..”
“Your network, the number of people you could help grow and get stronger/ more in shape is huge!”
I continued, “Bud, register on www.joinIBK.com for a direct link and/ or click REGISTER on the Join Our Team Page of teamIBK.com. A customer required his attention, so he had to go but feeling good about helping him out- I BRUSHED MY SHOULDER and continued to bite into my TURKEY sandwich.

-I felt good when I heard him say how apparent it was that I was EATING WELL, CONTINUING TO GROW, GETTING STRONGER and STILL finding time to HELP OTHERS.

www.KYLEKEECH.com has all your motivation needs covered.
www.IBKnutrition.com has all your healthy foods on deck.
www.joinIBK.com has the opportunity of a lifetime at your fingertips.

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Have a great day and week CHAMPIONS! Talk Soon.

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