Operation: A Bomb Drop

I’ll paint pictures of you straddling a bomb all over my A-Bombs all day long!  Got it?  Will you find ‘em in the dark?  Will you seek, hit and nail ‘em on their heads so I can chart my accuracy using heat as a tracker?  Will you seek ways to remain open?  Tell me you got me.  Tell me not to worry about judicial bullsh!t?  Will you re-illuminate my lane?  Tunnel vision seems scary when no one sees the target!
I’ll forgo worrying and crippling myself if you assure me.  Ensure that a prize is in it for me.  A hand to hold is all I’m craving.  A cleared path will make a difference.  I have decided that if I can’t read the signs posted, I’ll mozy on.


I’ve been spending so much time with God lately.
We talk about things that scare me.
We discuss, love, lust, sex and eyes locking.
I’m never judged by His royalty.
I need to spring forward fast.
We talk about prehistoric checks not being enough.
We talk a lot about forgiveness and how much I want it.

We watch clocks so we can bounce.
Lemme renounce my own hesitancy.
I.. just needed time, assurance, a hand to hold.
Ayy, maybe something more would have helped.
Confirmation, a number to call and hang up on.
Just give a sign I can at least interpret wrong.
I’ll wrap it up in one simple, harmony-induced song.
I’ll spell names wrong and hide my face.
Loving ambitions were always my initial move.


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  • Steve Keech

    Very good I like it, I like reading your creativity I think it is awesome!

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