Here Comes My Breakthrough!


John chapter 5 verse 8 states the Lord said to him “Get up!” “Pick up your mat and walk.” Today Pastor Bill Wright shared that it’s okay to want people to earn your trust with me, too. This morning’s teaching discussed letting go of all your excuses.

I felt like I was in the right place at the right time, I’ll tell you that much. Today, I will throw out the sheet of paper hanging on my wall that refers to the protective mechanisms I’ve been working to overcome. They are the excuses I’ve been using to justify not continuing my full throated pursuit of happiness, independence and grace.

Depriving myself, capping my joy and cutting people off are just a few of the EXCUSES on that list. That’s behind me now! THIS FEELS GREAT! Sure as heck, I’ll be singing this post outloud before I’m done too!   Back to MY tone of voice: “GET IT! OVER WITH!” Know that for myself I’m referring to stagnant relations and interpersonal relationships not blowing them (the onlookers) away!

“Chill out! It’s practice” is another excuse I use. What will replace that torn paper now is an affirmation of the dedication I continue to take the world on with. “I’M FULLY INVESTED.” It’s back to the grindstone for me. My door IS open. I need to stop blaming myself for those not walking through it

Plant The Seed!
MomMom, (Uncle) David and everybody/ anybody else who has been negatively affected by my fear and frustration, directly or indirectly should let it go, too! Room to fully kick my legs feels great! You should try it, Do me a solid while you’re at it too please. Reach out to me. Thank you so much for the wiggle room and understanding.. together we can accomplish anything!
False fears of persecution are ridiculous and I am making up my mind to sweep those bankrupt feelings under the rug. I’ve GOT JESUS on my side! NEXT!


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