Bears, Bobcats and Boats.. Oh my!


Reread that title.  This past weekend all three were experienced bravely.  Sure the first time I ever saw a bobcat, it was only while it was crossing the road and the boat Mom, Dad and I spent the afternoon on, on Saturday we did before but…
The bear Mom and I drove up on was within 15 yards at one time!  Unfortunately the bear seemed to have mange.  Looking up the definition myself, I’m getting a little itchy.


Moving on, it’s Tuesday.  My extended vaca/ time off ENDS TODAY!
“The hip is one of the most powerful joints in your body and as such plays a pivotal role in many athletic movements.”



LEG DAY, including hip squats may have been my last routine completed at the gym, but may indeed be tonight’s regimen.

PART II.. of my work day, networking starts NOW!

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