Give Me Two Steps

HEREE HEREE, declaration of the century right here and now…  Limits redefined quite possibly, but there is something I want to say to wrap up the workweek.  Who is it that does all that he can to make sure you hit the gym daily?  (Raises MY hand slowly)  That’s right, Mr. S. Kyle Keech, commander in chief, dude rocking every single beat.. aka ME.

This week I realized it’s sometimes out of your control how intensely your body reacts to the hardship, punishment and beating.  (Release the doves)  Tuesday, I already told you I did CHEST and I felt it as soon as I laid down to rest/ slip into my metamorphosis, I must not have paid enough attention to my form because it felt like I strained a muscle in the left-hand side of my back.
Wednesdays are climbing you already know.  For the first time in years popping two Advil like a real adult before even leaving felt wise.  Climbing free of pain and discomfort felt amazing actually.  The new route, wall 5 had nothing on me.  3 trips up and 3 trips down made my climbing partner sweat more than me but we won’t rub it in too much.

Long story short, Thursday night which was supposed to be ARMS was spent RESTING, trying to RECOVER.
Today still, I’m wincing doing my best to shift my weight and swing my legs accordingly.
Feel free to stop by the pool at Tel Hai early evening tonight, if you want to join me getting your swell onn.

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